Australian Country Style {Kids Craft}

Yesterdays post on crafting with kids reminded me that I’ve not yet shared the Kids Craft feature that I shot with Dan Duchars for Australian Country Style at the end of last year. Such a fun feature to work on and so lovely to still be able to work for Australian Country Style despite being back on home soil now (oh and a big thanks to Master Frith, my mini model for the day!) AussieCSKidsCraft


Ideas For Little People {Knot Magazine}

It may or may not surprise you to know that although Albie is only just 7 months old I’ve already started dreaming up what I’ll do for his 1st Birthday party, I’ve not quite got to the mood-boarding stage…but it won’t be long! I know I shouldn’t be wishing the time away, and trust me I’m not,  I’m already beginning to realise that they are only “babies” for such a short amount of time. However I’m really, REALLY looking forward to when I can make stuff for / with Albie. I have such fond memories of the Barbie houses from cardboard boxes that my mum made for me as a child and I can’t wait to do the same with Albie {well maybe not Barbie houses…or maybe, who knows!} Any way I discovered this lovely little shoot from Knot magazine a little while back and popped it in my “things to do with the baby” folder…

KnotMagazineHow cute!!! Love those little wings. If you’ve not seen Knot before, take a peek, page upon page of inspired loveliness, My French isn’t up to much so no idea what it say’s but beautiful images , projects and styling. I can only find two issues, both from last year, so I can only assume they didn’t continue with it, which is a real shame.


Searching For {The Perfect Pendant}

In our last house we neglected lighting a little, we had some great lamps but pendant lights passed us by and we just went for simple drum shades, almost as an after thought. In this house I’m giving the main ceiling lights far more attention.  I’m on the hunt for a pendant for the Office / Playroom.  Ceiling height is limited so as we’ve done in both the Living Room and Albie’s Room I’ll probably have central pendant fitting that is looped to a hook in the corner. Teamed with lamps it works well and means I don’t have to go for a ridiculously short flex to avoid tall folk {like the husband!} constantly having to dodge the light fittings! I’m after something simple yet beautiful and made from a natural material, here’s some lovely light inspiration…



From Top to Bottom… 1. Bongo Metal shade £30, Habitat. 2 Wilbur woven pendant shade, £60, Habitat. 3 Studio Snowpuppe Moth Light Gradient Grey £79, The Modern Baby. 4&5. Turned Wooden Bead Pendant, MCM House. 6. Beech suspension light E50, Cachette. 7&8. Wooden Bead light E55, Cachette. 9. DIY bead light via Feeling Inspired Blog

New Plans For My Office

Next project here at the House is what was once ear-marked as my office. The new addition to the household has made me re- consider plans for the space.  Having finally given to brightly coloured plastic toys  the Living Room is slowly starting to look like Toys R Us so I’ve decided my office space needs to double up as a play room…with hidden storage!  Until the top floor of the house is finished {several years away I’d imagine} from time to time it may have to work as a guest room too. Its a big ask for a small space. So I’ve re- jigged the original moodboard a bit on account that maybe it wasn’t fun enough!  Finding that contrast between fun  playroom, grown up guest room and inspiring office/craft space  it tricky, it is also off of the living room and the door will mostly be open so needs to work with the scheme in there too. We’ve decided to go for one wall as a giant chalk board so we can draw fun things for Albie , use it as a mood board for my work but so that it can be pared back if we have guests to stay. We are also hoping to do something a bit clever with a wall of cupboards that will house a fold-away desk plus Albie’s ever increasing collection of plastic. So now the tricky bit, I’ve narrowed it down to these two wallpapers….Louise Body’s Garden Birds and Ferm Living’s  Half Moon, I’m torn! Would love to know what you think…


Plasterer is coming on Thursday…cant wait!

Little Greene Paint Company {Shades Of Grey}

Since buying our house last year It’s been a bit of a running joke with my family & friends that it’s the Grey House. Every time somebody would ask what color am I going to paint that wall?, What’s the new front door colour going to be? How about the nursery? the reply was generally… Grey! Albie was even referred to as the “Grey Baby” before he arrived on account of the fact we didn’t know if he was going to be either “pink or blue” and even if we had of known his room certainly wouldn’t have been either pink or blue….it was grey!

So It’s fair to say I like a bit of grey. Some might argue not a colour, more a tone, but nether the less finding the right grey is tricky, as I discovered when choosing “the grey” for the paintwork in our Living room. Grey are often too blue or too brown. So imagine my joy last week when a little parcel landed on my door mat, a brand spanking new paint chart (oh how I love a paint chart) simply of  full of Greys from those lovely folk over at Little Greene. The collection embraces shades of grey from almost white tones through to rich charcoal, brown and blue-black hues.

The collection officially launches on Sunday 22nd September at Decorex in London and will be available to order online from Monday 23rd September but here’a a little taster…


I love the styling in these shots. How great does the ombre bookcase look? and I love the double skirting and the hit of yellow on the steps.  I think my favourite grey is the panelled wall  (Scree 227) in the Bedroom shot ( also loving the Rowen & Wren Trestle table in that shot too)

Anne Ten Donkelaar {Loving Your Work}

I’m a country girl at heart. I’ve always loved the city but home to me will always be in the countryside, largely I think because I’m a sucker for nature. When I was about 6 I started a nature club (think there was a membership of 3!) We had homemade cardboard badges fastened by a safety-pin stuck on with a plaster (crafty!) and we’d stomp around the old orchard behind mum and dads looking for bugs and flowers / weeds.  So you get me gist, I love a bit of  flora & fauna. So needless to say I absolutely love the work of Anne Ten Donkelaar who “preserves” unique little discoveries of nature that cross her path, a damaged butterfly, broken twig, a tangle of weeds……she puts them back together again in her own unique and totally brilliant way.