Ideas For Little People {Knot Magazine}

It may or may not surprise you to know that although Albie is only just 7 months old I’ve already started dreaming up what I’ll do for his 1st Birthday party, I’ve not quite got to the mood-boarding stage…but it won’t be long! I know I shouldn’t be wishing the time away, and trust me I’m not,  I’m already beginning to realise that they are only “babies” for such a short amount of time. However I’m really, REALLY looking forward to when I can make stuff for / with Albie. I have such fond memories of the Barbie houses from cardboard boxes that my mum made for me as a child and I can’t wait to do the same with Albie {well maybe not Barbie houses…or maybe, who knows!} Any way I discovered this lovely little shoot from Knot magazine a little while back and popped it in my “things to do with the baby” folder…

KnotMagazineHow cute!!! Love those little wings. If you’ve not seen Knot before, take a peek, page upon page of inspired loveliness, My French isn’t up to much so no idea what it say’s but beautiful images , projects and styling. I can only find two issues, both from last year, so I can only assume they didn’t continue with it, which is a real shame.


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