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So you’ve seem my temporary office but my long term plans revolve around a rather nice Cole & Son wallpaper that I fell in love with a couple of years ago. Sadly I had no walls left to paper in the old house so I’ve had to wait. Simon really isn’t a fan of the paper (he thinks it’s too girly!) which is a shame because we normally have pretty similar tastes. Generally speaking if he felt really strongly about something  décor wise I wouldn’t do it…but I love this paper so I’ve decided I’ll have just a small amount in my office above the fireplace (so he doesn’t have to look at it!) Plus we have rather a lot of pink cushions from our old living room so I need to tie them in somewhere and they’d be perfect on the old wrought iron daybed Simon and I picked up in Lille last year. Storage is a must in my office and the room is only tiny so I’m hoping to get some bespoke MDF shelving made here, so it can be painted the same as the walls (pale grey) and give the storage a seamless look.

With a baby on the way the office has been somewhat pushed down the list of priorities, so by the time we get round to starting “project office” I may have fallen head over heels with another paper (I’m so fickle!) and plans may change!

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  1. lmeagersann
    Posted October 22, 2012 at 11:21 pm | Permalink

    A baby on the way?! Congratulations! Loving your updates again and getting an insight into your plans for your new home, best of luck with the coming months x

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