New Plans For My Office

Next project here at the House is what was once ear-marked as my office. The new addition to the household has made me re- consider plans for the space.  Having finally given to brightly coloured plastic toys  the Living Room is slowly starting to look like Toys R Us so I’ve decided my office space needs […]

Friday Fancies

It’s Friday, Hooray, here are a few things that have caught my eye this week… 1. Moody Blues from Homes & Gardens & shot by Emma Lee (they never credit the stylist on the website, grumble grumble!) 2. Fabulous Neon paper vases from Cachette, (not a lotta good for flowers but lovely all the same!) […]

Australian Country Style {April Cover}

Well what a ghastly week its been! I love spring but these April showers have been pretty much non-stop. I was supposed to be shooting a lovely seasonal shot this week but sadly it’s had to be postponed. The trouble is the forecast isn’t looking much better for the forseeable future. I love doing little […]

No Really, it’s Ikea!

It would be fair to say that I’ve met a few “style snobs” in my time. {“style snob”, somebody who refuses to credit a stylish object based solely upon the price tag} I’m a big believer that items don’t have to come from “high-end” brand to be super stylish, and that the high street produces […]

Creative Cutlery

Among the baubles and glitter at the John Lewis Christmas Press show today was an amazing textured wall, on closer inspection it was made from platic cutlery sprayed white, it looked stunning… …it reminded me of some other inspired cutlery I’ve seen recently, like these Fantastic plastic pieces by DeBeauty available from the V&A Shop […]

Beautiful Buttons

One of my little obbsessions (along with Rob Ryan; butterflies and ribbons) is buttons, I just love them. I spent yesterday evening looking through my nans old button box, amoung the many treasures I found these strings of buttons that my Nan had colour co-ordinated . I thought they looked so beautiful I might have […]