Monthly Archives: December 2010

Sneak Peep {New Wallpapers From Little Greene}

I’m such a huge fan of  50’s style so I almost fell off my chair when I received an email about The Little Greene Paint Company‘s forthcoming Wallpaper Collection “50’s Line”. They are sublime and all taken from original 1950’s designs. So 50’s but so very now too!. I love them all but sadly we […]

Last Minute Wrapping Idea

A little later than planned! But here’s how I’ve been wrapping or adorning my gifts this holiday season, with cute felt decorations that are so simple to make. Next year I’m going start earlier and make a lovely long garland of them. So if you’ve left your wrapping a little late and are still looking […]

Christmas Inspiration {Red & White}

No other colour combination feels quite as festive as Red & White. I actually have very little red in my home but every year I seem to end up making a few festive Red & White purchases. This year I’m not in my home and I’m trying to downsize before we move everything back out […]

A Christmas Card To You!

So yesterday was the last day for 1st Class mail to arrive in time for Christmas. Did you get all of your cards sent? … No? Me either! I  have tended to move away from snail mail the past couple of years and opted for an E-card instead. This year I was so excited about […]

My New Website

It’s been a little while in the making but my new website is now up and running smoothly {fingers crossed!} After a crazily busy 14months in Sydney I was desperate to update the old site and to give it a little more personality. It was designed by my very clever fella, Simon {he’s such a […]

A Little More Snow

Silly me to have thought that the snow might have waited until we were tucked up back in Suffolk. Once again the South East and much of the Uk is looking like a winter wonderland. After having to abandon our first attempt to return to our temporary home we ended up spending Saturday night in […]