Little Greene Paint Company {Shades Of Grey}

Since buying our house last year It’s been a bit of a running joke with my family & friends that it’s the Grey House. Every time somebody would ask what color am I going to paint that wall?, What’s the new front door colour going to be? How about the nursery? the reply was generally… Grey! Albie was even referred to as the “Grey Baby” before he arrived on account of the fact we didn’t know if he was going to be either “pink or blue” and even if we had of known his room certainly wouldn’t have been either pink or blue….it was grey!

So It’s fair to say I like a bit of grey. Some might argue not a colour, more a tone, but nether the less finding the right grey is tricky, as I discovered when choosing “the grey” for the paintwork in our Living room. Grey are often too blue or too brown. So imagine my joy last week when a little parcel landed on my door mat, a brand spanking new paint chart (oh how I love a paint chart) simply of  full of Greys from those lovely folk over at Little Greene. The collection embraces shades of grey from almost white tones through to rich charcoal, brown and blue-black hues.

The collection officially launches on Sunday 22nd September at Decorex in London and will be available to order online from Monday 23rd September but here’a a little taster…


I love the styling in these shots. How great does the ombre bookcase look? and I love the double skirting and the hit of yellow on the steps.  I think my favourite grey is the panelled wall  (Scree 227) in the Bedroom shot ( also loving the Rowen & Wren Trestle table in that shot too)

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