Monthly Archives: April 2010

Laundry Room {New Idea Shoot}

For me doing the laundry is a strangely rewarding chore, call me crazy but I love “putting a load on” . I’m not totally insane, I hate ironing! In fact the only thing that gets ironed in my household is the bed linen {I love getting into a freshly made bed!} but anyway I do […]

Autumn Days

Autumn is beginning to set in here in Sydney. Yesterday for the first time in a long while I pulled on a pair of jeans. After 30 degree heat of last week, 23 degrees has felt rather fresh the past couple of days. It’s funny, back home 23 degrees and is time to pull out […]

Make An Entrance {Real Living Shoot}

Ooopp’s I promised to post this yesterday and forgot! A few months back Real Living asked me to create six looks for Front Doors for their May issue. Front doors are so important to the look and feel of your home, get it wrong and you can literally knock thousands off the value of your […]

My Apartment Shoot

Hello, I’m so sorry if you’re feeling a little neglected. It’s been a busy couple of days here, and today the lovely folk from Real Living came to shoot my little apartment {I know!!! My little Sydney apartment is going to be in my fave mag!} Sadly my apartment isn’t always a beautiful as I’d […]

Pretty In Pastel

A few weeks back, while down in Melbourne, I discovered Printink studio . A Melbourne based trio who not only print for various Australian designers they have their own brand of gorgeous homewares. I love their zingy pastel and cute bird prints… Their style reminded me of UK based textile designers Massey & Rogers, a […]

Home Envy

Through my job I’m lucky enough to get to sneak a peep into some lovely homes, however it does mean I’m in a permanent state of home envy. I came across this gorgeous home months ago and squirreled it away in my files of loveliness. I re-found it again this evening and it still makes […]