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I’m a country girl at heart. I’ve always loved the city but home to me will always be in the countryside, largely I think because I’m a sucker for nature. When I was about 6 I started a nature club (think there was a membership of 3!) We had homemade cardboard badges fastened by a safety-pin stuck on with a plaster (crafty!) and we’d stomp around the old orchard behind mum and dads looking for bugs and flowers / weeds.  So you get me gist, I love a bit of  flora & fauna. So needless to say I absolutely love the work of Anne Ten Donkelaar who “preserves” unique little discoveries of nature that cross her path, a damaged butterfly, broken twig, a tangle of weeds……she puts them back together again in her own unique and totally brilliant way.



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    These are gorgeous! So happy you’re back blogging again – I discovered your blog when you disappeared 10 months ago, it’s been a huge inspiration to me and I’m just pretty darn grateful you share everything you do!
    Also a huge fan of the shop at number 57 – hoping there’ll be a few special bits for christmas presents *hint* more cross stitches pleaseeeee 🙂
    Huge congratulations – he is adorable!

    Caitlin x

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