I’m Back {with a new addition}

Well it’s been a while! This time I’ve got a very valid reason {*excuse} for my absence these past ten {TEN!!!} months.  In the past I’ve dipped in an out of being a good blogger and falling off the radar a bit when life got too manic, normally because the day job had a tendency to take up my every waking hour. Well for the past seven months {and I suspect forever more} something else has taken up my every waking hour…. and many an hour that I’d of rather not been awake at all, his name is Albie Arther Ward . Our baby boy was born (a little ahead of schedule) back in February. Albie is by far the best thing that Simon and I have ever “created” and I can’t possibly explain how amazing it is to be his mummy. I won’t lie it didn’t quite fell like that in the very early days, Having a baby was a bit of a shock to the system, however prepared I thought I was … I really  wasn’t! I can distinctly remember in those first few weeks when struggling to get myself and baby up and dressed before 10am almost crumbling when thinking how would I ever regain anything of my former life again,? How did anyone juggle being a mum with working; having a social life and blogging, just thinking about it felt over-whelming. So I shut myself off from the world for a bit and just enjoyed being a mum to this gorgeous {biased I know!} little fella…


Almost 7 months later and I’ve put on the styling shoes again with a couple of craft Shoots for Red Magazine and Ideal Home’s Complete Guide To Christmas. After six months without a shoot I was itching to get back to it, but at the same time really apprehensive about leaving my little man for a day (could not have done it with out my mum or “Super Nanny” as I shall refer to her from here on in!) Any way, I need not have worried, Albie was completely un-phased and It felt so exciting to be creative again. It’s given me the motivation to get a bit more proactive around here too!  I can’t wait to share the pics with you when they’re published at the end of the year. I’ve stacks of other shoots to share with you too, from before my maternity leave.

I’ve also been book marking stacks of inspiring  bits and pieces to share, including (somewhat unsurprisingly perhaps) some lovely and inspiring Kids interiors. I’d love to report that there have been major transformations to the house too, but sadly not, other than the Living Room and Albie’s Nursery  we are still living in a building site (grrr Architects!) but hopefully over the next couple of months things will get moving so lots to share there too.

I may have been absent from around here but I’ve been busy on Instagram  and Twitter. I’d love for you to come and say hello to me there too!

New From Christy {AW12 Luxe Retreat}

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here. Not only have we done a little shoot for Number 57 {news on that to come over the the 57 blog soon} but I’ve once again been working with the lovely team at Christy, shooting their new SS13 Collections. Which reminded me I’ve not yet shared the AW12 ranges we shot back in the spring {such an upside down world I live in!} Once again the collection has been split into three looks. I’m starting with “Luxe Retreat”. Largely because I think it’s my fave of the three collections and because the weather has been so horrid today that all I’ve wanted to do is snuggle up and any of these ranges would be perfect for doing so…

I’ll share the other two looks, Spice Trail & Nostalgia with you over the next week or so, but for now I’ve got to dash and load the car ready for tomorrows Christy shoot {Spring Summer 13 is looking rather lovely!

Oh and if you have a chance pop over to the New Christy blog, where design manager Lucy shares all the latest news and inspirations.



Colour To Go : Leafy Green & Azure Blues

When people ask about “the day job” one of the most common question is Where do you get your inspiration? Inspiration comes from everywhere, I’m alway snapping things that catch my eye especially when it comes to colour combinations “to bank” for future shoots…

Office Plans

So you’ve seem my temporary office but my long term plans revolve around a rather nice Cole & Son wallpaper that I fell in love with a couple of years ago. Sadly I had no walls left to paper in the old house so I’ve had to wait. Simon really isn’t a fan of the paper (he thinks it’s too girly!) which is a shame because we normally have pretty similar tastes. Generally speaking if he felt really strongly about something  décor wise I wouldn’t do it…but I love this paper so I’ve decided I’ll have just a small amount in my office above the fireplace (so he doesn’t have to look at it!) Plus we have rather a lot of pink cushions from our old living room so I need to tie them in somewhere and they’d be perfect on the old wrought iron daybed Simon and I picked up in Lille last year. Storage is a must in my office and the room is only tiny so I’m hoping to get some bespoke MDF shelving made here, so it can be painted the same as the walls (pale grey) and give the storage a seamless look.

With a baby on the way the office has been somewhat pushed down the list of priorities, so by the time we get round to starting “project office” I may have fallen head over heels with another paper (I’m so fickle!) and plans may change!

The Pop-Up Office

Yesterday afternoon I decided I’d had enough of working from the sofa. What was the perfect spot for an office during the Olympics isn’t the “office space” most conducive to creative ideas. Plans for my office have shifted further down our priority list over the past couple of months so  realistically we are probably looking at  middle of next year before I get my perfectly functioning office / craft space. So I decided to set up a temporary work space – that was somewhat more functional than its current state…full of boxes and more inspiring than my sofa!

The boxes are now neatly stacked against one wall, rather than dumped in the middle of the room where I left them after stripping the wallpaper! Allowing me space for my desk and  an area to set up the printers, now I have a perfectly functioning office to tide me over the next few months, complete for inspiration board where I can pin-up everything I’m loving.


It’s amazing what a difference actually having desk space makes. I don’t know about you but sitting on my lap top anywhere but at a desk means I’m far too easily distracted?! I’m feeling far more focused already!


Friday Fancies

This weeks Friday Fancies comes to you from “down under”. Sadly not literally (if only!) but after receiving an email from a friend in Melbourne this morning I felt inspired to go a little bit nostalgic and share a few of my favourite Australian things…

1. My friend asked if I could recommend a Melbourne based stylist for a project he’s working on so I of course suggest Glen Proebstel – Love this Geometrics feature for Inside Out.

2.I love the work of Rachel Castle. When Simon proposed he gave me one of her felt heart pieces and un-bekown to each other at the time we each gave a piece of her text based work as a surprise wedding gift!

3. Craig Wall was one of the photographers I was lucky enough to work with regularly during my stint in Oz, check out his website, lovely shots.

4. I love little messages written in neon. I particularly love the idea of one in our new house, that mix of old with new again, much like these pics from showcasing Penny Farthing Design House’s wonderful pieces. The last image is from a favourite Inside Out Shoot styled by the very talented Vanessa Colyer Tay 

I’m so pleased it’s nearly the weekend. DIY (naturally!) the village Farmers Market  and a trip to Suffolk are in store for us, what are your plans?