New Plans For My Office

Next project here at the House is what was once ear-marked as my office. The new addition to the household has made me re- consider plans for the space.  Having finally given to brightly coloured plastic toys  the Living Room is slowly starting to look like Toys R Us so I’ve decided my office space needs […]

In the details

Hello my friends. I’ve had a long day shooting and I’m a little fuzzy so tonight I thought I’d just share the little details from the New Idea shoot Photography, Craig wall. Styling, Me

Monday morning mood board

I’ve been feeling a little guilty about my rather indulgent & lazy day yesterday. So this morning I have been super productive – and I’m feeling rather proud of myself! In addition to boring work stuff – chasing product loans and researching door handles {don’t ask!} I’ve made a couple of cards for my adorable […]