Monthly Archives: January 2010

Saturday Finds

Happy Saturday everyone! Don’t you just love the weekend? I’ve made a few lovely discoveries today that I would love to share with you My new fave Brunch spot, hidden away behind Oxford Street in Paddington, Perry Lane, rear of 264 Oxford St, Paddington. I found these cute little post it notes on sale in […]

The most important meal of the day

When I was younger my mum would always tell me “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” whether this is fact or just a concerned mum trying to ensure her teenage daughter didn’t skip meals I’m not too sure. The fact is back in London breakfast would general consist of a slice of […]

Bedtime Inspiration

It’s late and I really should be tucked up in one of these lovely beds right now rather than blogging about them, but I’m loving the styling of these new shots from Aura {and I desperately want an excuse to create a natural timber wall like this one}

Just a thought…

Apologies for my absence yesterday, I was enjoying Australia day, and as I stood watching another amazing firework display I began to wonder why us Brits don’t take a leaf out of the Aussies book. We should have a Great Britain day – don’t you think? We should deck the halls in union jack bunting […]

Monday morning mood board

I’ve been feeling a little guilty about my rather indulgent & lazy day yesterday. So this morning I have been super productive – and I’m feeling rather proud of myself! In addition to boring work stuff – chasing product loans and researching door handles {don’t ask!} I’ve made a couple of cards for my adorable […]

Lazy Sunday

Today has been one of those days, where I haven’t really managed to feel inspired or even out of bed! I used to have many a Sunday like that, when it would be cold & raining outside and I wouldn’t want to leave the comfort of my bed. Since arriving here in Sydney, its seemed […]