New Plans For My Office

Next project here at the House is what was once ear-marked as my office. The new addition to the household has made me re- consider plans for the space.  Having finally given to brightly coloured plastic toys  the Living Room is slowly starting to look like Toys R Us so I’ve decided my office space needs to double up as a play room…with hidden storage!  Until the top floor of the house is finished {several years away I’d imagine} from time to time it may have to work as a guest room too. Its a big ask for a small space. So I’ve re- jigged the original moodboard a bit on account that maybe it wasn’t fun enough!  Finding that contrast between fun  playroom, grown up guest room and inspiring office/craft space  it tricky, it is also off of the living room and the door will mostly be open so needs to work with the scheme in there too. We’ve decided to go for one wall as a giant chalk board so we can draw fun things for Albie , use it as a mood board for my work but so that it can be pared back if we have guests to stay. We are also hoping to do something a bit clever with a wall of cupboards that will house a fold-away desk plus Albie’s ever increasing collection of plastic. So now the tricky bit, I’ve narrowed it down to these two wallpapers….Louise Body’s Garden Birds and Ferm Living’s  Half Moon, I’m torn! Would love to know what you think…


Plasterer is coming on Thursday…cant wait!

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