The house was bare…

Another rain filled day yesterday meant my plans of lawn bowls {it’s not just for the old folk!} had to be put on hold once again. I decided to entertain myself by taking down the Christmas decorations and having a bit of a clear up. While the decorations didn’t entirely fulfil their purpose in making me feel more festive it turns out they did play their part. Suddenly with them gone my little apartment may have two balconies and harbour views but it is actually rather bare and not very homely. Ever since moving in with our suitcase each we’ve been so busy working I haven’t had time to feather my nest. The bedroom & office area have had a makeover and are now probably my favourite spaces but that’s simply because the other rooms are just a room with some furniture in. So first project of 2010, Make my rented apartment a home, I’ll let you know how I get on over the next couple of days

In the meantime, I know christmas is over but I couldn’t quite bring myself to pop these little beauties away just yet!


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