My New Resolution

Every year I make a resolution, generally something along the lines of “cut down my calorie intake”, “loose 10 lbs” and pretty much every year come 3rd of Jan I’ve already failed. So as I sat watching the most amazing fireworks display this NYE I questioned what is the point of making a promise to yourself when you know it’s simply unachievable? It was then I remembered that it had been exactly a year ago {while sitting alone at home, nursing the flu on NYE, feeling rather sorry for poor old me,} that I promised myself 2009 would be the year I’d follow my dream, leave my job in London {which, quite frankly, was getting me down} and head for Sydney. To be entirely honest, I don’t think I believed for one second that I’d actually do it, but I did and so a year on enjoyed the most amazing NYE, just Simon and I (forgetting the other 1.5million) Sitting on an Island in the middle of Sydney harbour, a picnic, set of cards, and a bottle of bubbly, realising for once I’d achieved a resolution, and it felt amazing! {Phew sorry for the ramble!}

Did you make any resolutions? and more importantly what’s your history…do you stick to them? I’d love to know.

So this years resolution…well nothing quite as life changing {thankfully} but without wishing to sound totally eco or to go down the “wanna be health conscious” route of previous years, it’s to get on my bike {which I don’t actually own just yet!} Being car-less has taken some getting used to, but you know what I actually quite like it, and if I burn a few calories in the process, so be it!

Bicycle image from HoneyTree Photography

Of course me being me, it will need to be a super stylish bike, so I’ve drawn up my wish list!

1. Gorgeous Abici Italia bike, available at Seletti; 2.Love that Bell, Cycle Chic; 3.I look ridiculous in Cycle helmets, but I’m loving this helmet cover from Cycle Chic; How cute is this basket from Design House Stockholm: loving a bit of floral plimsoll action, these were from Cath Kidston, but think they may well be SS09.

So I’ll let you know how I get on with the bike thing!


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  1. Grant Nichols
    Posted January 4, 2010 at 8:50 am | Permalink

    Jesus, you do ramble on a bit don’t you! Anyway I have a new year’s resolution – it is quite simply to make as many comments on my big sister’s blog as possible!


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