Things That Make Me Go Mmmm {Book Art}

Book sculptures have been catching my eye of late. I’ve always been fascinated by old books and I love the idea of doing something creative with them, just like these clever folk… 1&2. British based Artist,┬áSu Blackwell. 4. Laura Cahill via Dezeen. 4-6. Melbourne based paper whiz Nicholas Jones. 7. Vintage book wreath, Roundabout 1.

Inspiration Time

I often pick up a wedding magazine or click on some of the gorgeous wedding blogs that are out there. Not so much to dream about my big day {no plans there yet!} but just for some gorgeous styling inspiration. I’m head over heals with these cute shots that I found on the Oh So […]

Lazy Sunday

Today has been one of those days, where I haven’t really managed to feel inspired or even out of bed! I used to have many a Sunday like that, when it would be cold & raining outside and I wouldn’t want to leave the comfort of my bed. Since arriving here in Sydney, its seemed […]