Preview : The Shop at Number 57

The Shop at Number 57 is very nearly here. Simon is remaining optimistic and is convinced we will be live by the end of the month. I on the other hand am being far more “Marie” about the situation, desperately trying to tick things off the huge “to do” list but seem to just keep adding […]

Danish Design {Manostiles}

Let’s talk about Denmark for a moment. {Don’t worry this is not a geography lesson first thing on a Tuesday morning!} For a relatively small country there are so many great exports; Hans Christian Andersen; Bacon; Peter Schmeichel {my brother and any Man Utd fans will appreciate that ref!} and a large sweeping generalisation here […]

Anthropologie News

Sorry for going AWOL yesterday, I was up in suffolk, which is lovely but no internet connection {not that the whole of Suffolk doesn’t have the internet, just Simon’s mums house!}. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend. I’ve just been enjoying my Sunday morning lay in flicking through this months Living etc, when I spotted […]