Dudley’s First Walk

Yesterday was a big day in the WLL household, we took little Dudley over to my folks for his first experience of the great outdoors. In the safe surroundings of their garden! So this morning we were up at the crack of dawn for a family walk in the park. Where Dudley had his first […]

How are we meant to get any work done..?

With this little face looking up at us! Thing’s certainly aren’t too productive around here at the moment but I’m determined to get ticking things off my “to do list” this week …

Dudley’s First Day

So it’s been a very exciting weekend in the Whole Lotta Lovely household and all three of us are feeling particularly zonked this Sunday evening. Little Dudley has settled in really well and is certainly keeping us on our toes. We decided to try to start his training immediately…but it’s sooooo hard when you’ve got […]