Loving Your Work {Maiwaku}

Morning my friends. If you ask me there is nothing better than waking up on a Saturday and realising it’s Saturday! I may have abused the fact by sleeping in a tad too long this morning..but I deserve it! and as my mum would say “you obviously needed it”!  It looks so glorious outside I […]

Look what I just found…

Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous, prints from Inaluxe… They’re the amazing masterpieces of Melbourne based artist and illustrator Kristina Sostarko. Aren’t they great? I love that retro feel, very Orla I’m thinking! I just made my first ever etsy purchase and treated myself to the top one…well I have been working very hard recently! Happy Thursday everyone […]

Illustrator Andrew Pavitt

I popped into the inspiration bubble that is Supernice last week and saw these lovely cards by designer / illustrator Andrew Pavitt, they were too fab not to share with you… You can see more of Andrew’s lush designs here