Photographer Jon Day

So Friday’s here and it’s the end of another {very} busy week. Despite several parcels not showing up for todays shoot {damn Royal Mail} it all went very well. It was such a lovely team {special thanks to Charlotte and Hannah my two fabulous assistants}We were working with photographer Jon Day who’s not only a […]

Time For Some Office Inspiration…

Hello my friends hope you’ve had a happy Friday? This is our last weekend in our little Sydney apartment and I must admit all the packing and sorting out ready for tomorrows garage sale has made me a little sad. Our Sydney adventure is very nearly over. There are lots of exciting thingsĀ  ahead so […]

My Dream Office

As we focus our attentions on moving back to the Uk Simon & I haven’t been able to help ourselves but start to dream about the prospect of creating a new home. We loved the whole process {well most of it!} of turning our little Victorian semi from something deemed uninhabitable by the local council […]