Cute As A Button

Now I know I’ve got a bit of a obbession but how cute are these giant buttons? I just love the simplicity of these ceramic dishes from Have You Met Miss Jones, wouldn’t they look great on the wall? And how lovely is this embossed button card, from Present & Correct? far too lovely to […]

A little bit of home

I’ve just seen these cute buttons from Creamrose on The All Things Original blog, and when you’re thousands of miles away from home, little remiders like this make me smile

Buttons, ribbons & pretty things!

What is it about, buttons, ribbons and threads that make them sooooo lovely?! Styling by Me! Photography Simon Whitmore (new website coming very soon!)

Sweetie Pie Buttons

I’m still pretty new to the world of blogging and it never fails to amaze me how easily you can become caught up in a maze of inspiration, not quite remembering where you started or how you got there but feeling inspired none the less! That very thing happend today. I started of with one […]

Grandad’s Book

Mum and I discovered this old book of at my grandparents house a couple of years back, but I’d forgotton about it until today. I think it must be an old catalogue or price list from a clothing wholesalers that my grandad worked for, I love old books and I spent ages pouring over the […]

Beautiful Buttons

One of my little obbsessions (along with Rob Ryan; butterflies and ribbons) is buttons, I just love them. I spent yesterday evening looking through my nans old button box, amoung the many treasures I found these strings of buttons that my Nan had colour co-ordinated . I thought they looked so beautiful I might have […]