Plans for the Living Room

One of the biggest frustrations we have at the moment is the fact that there is so much that needs doing to this place (everything) and yet very little we can actually get started on until we have Listed Buildings Consent. Until we have the layout of the new Kitchen / dining space in place and permission to install a boiler we can’t put the central heating in or re-wire, meaning decorating in all other rooms (even those unaffected by the main building work) has to go on hold. I’ve been frantically tying to get hold of our plumber and electrician this week to work out if they can do a first fix of pipe work and wiring in some rooms that would then allow us to start the decorating. My main focus has become the living space, and it’s my aim to get cracking on this asap. Obviously me being me I had moodboards drawn up months ago,  before we’d even signed on the line so I’m desperate to get painting. Painting however is still a long way off. We’ve stripped wallpaper, removed ceiling tiles and Simon spent a very dusty and labor intensive weekend re-discovering the old inglenook fireplace which is going to look amazing. Next step is probably sanding back the paintwork, then it’s a case of waiting to see what can be done about electrics and plumbing, before skimming of ceilings, laying floorboards and then, maybe then some painting!

In our previous house (a Victorian Semi) colour featured quite heavily. With this property being older we still want to have hits of colour but are going for a bit more of a refined feel. Dare I say more grown up! Simon and I aren’t really in to Country Cottage Style at all but we’re hoping to go for a bit of a modern take on a rustic Scandinavian feel, lots of light wood, greys, and whites, but with accents of colour here and there, still in keeping with the age of the property but incorporating our love of old meets new. Well that’s the plan!

Home Sweet Home

Home is so very important to me. It’s the epicentre of my life. I don’t know if it’s just because of the job. I’ve always felt such a strong connection with the place I call home and have actually lived in very few houses. My childhood home, my student house (but Mum & Dad’s was still home) Number 57 and our Sydney Apartment.  So when it came to selling Simon and my first home together I thought I’d feel a little bit sad. As it turns out I didn’t at all. I guess when we packed our bags, rented out the house  and headed off to live in Australia for a bit {3 years ago now – I can’t believe it} I became a bit detached. Ever since arriving back in the UK our focus was on finding a new place to call home and despite moving all out stuff back into Number 57 it never quite felt the same, somehow our lives had moved on. We searched and searched and at times it felt as though  we’d never find a place that ticked the boxes and was within reach of our purse!

We’ll the summer bought with it our lovely new home. It’s another project but one day it will be just perfect for us!

A little old man had lived here forever, and so it’ in need of rather a lot of TLC. Despite the fact it’s more than a little tired around the edges, that the kitchen is literally just a sink, there’s no central heating and we have a very temperamental hot water supply I love it and feel at home already. We’ve been in almost a couple of months now and I’d love to report progress but things are running a little slower than this impatient stylist would ideally like. We have fairly modest plans for this old place but because the property is listed we have to get architect involved to draw up plans and then wait…and wait…for Listed buildings consent to be to be approved  (fingers crossed) We can’t even put heating in so we are bracing ourselves for a chilly winter! Would you like the tour? ….

It’s a typical Kentish style semi-detached cottage with tile hung front. Simon has a massive thing about symmetry so it pleases the designer in him! and It’s in the cutest little village, where everybody who walks past smiles and says hello, so we have the village environment we’ve been longing for.

We hoped the lurking behind the paneling and hideous 80’s gas fire  in the living room would be an inglenook fireplace, and we were right!

My office – Granny Chic! I dream of sitting at my desk by the fire with Dudley dog curled up beside me, it may be a long way off!

The Kitchen – Basic and cold! But with stacks of potential. This side will (fingers crossed) become the dining area and we are hoping to open up the room next door and the bathroom (currently downstairs and so darn cold I can’t stay in there for longer than a few seconds) to become the kitchen area.

Hopefully the bathroom will be moving to the first floor into a derelict little room that will be great once it’s transformed.

The Master Bedroom comes complete with walk-in wardrobes…well a big cupboard really!

The little room will become the nursery. Yes you heard me right that was the other tiny matter that  took over the summer. Simon and I are expecting our first child in just over 4 months time. We are unbelievably excited and in denial of what’s about to hit us in equal measure I think! But the growing bump makes it seem more real every day. And yes there is no way the house will be done…so it should be interesting!

Loft Space … this is phase two, we’ll of run out of money and time long before we get to this but one day we are hoping these two rooms will become another bedroom with en-suite.

So that’s the place we now call home. It’s dusty, chilly and sitting at the kitchen table eating supper together feels like we’ve regressed 50 years but we kinda like it! Over the next week or so I’ll share some of the moodboards for what (one day, hopefully soonish!) the rooms will look like.

A Summer {?} of Distractions

Hello!  Without really planning to it turns out I took the summer  (did we have a summer?) off from my little spot on the web. With so many changes going on elsewhere I just found it a little hard to find the time and focus, but I’ve missed this little place so I’m back!

As ever work remained the main focus in my life throughout the summer with a heavy dusting of  Christmas shoots and looking ahead to Spring Summer 2013 too, but what with the Olympics  (Oh my goodness how I loved the Olympics and Paralympics)  finally moving house and The Shop At Number 57, suddenly it’s Autumn and we’ve so much catching up to do! How’ve you been?, what have I missed out on? I certainly need to spend some time catching up on all my favourite blogs which I’ve neglected for months now. I’ll fill you in on all that’s been going on over the next few days and share some of the shoots and lovely things I’ve stumbled across along the way.

Friday Fancies

It’s Friday, Hooray, here are a few things that have caught my eye this week…

1. Moody Blues from Homes & Gardens & shot by Emma Lee (they never credit the stylist on the website, grumble grumble!)

2. Fabulous Neon paper vases from Cachette, (not a lotta good for flowers but lovely all the same!)

3. Origami flowers from Goorigami.

4.Colourful artworks from Maya Hayuk.

5. The countdown to the olympics is in full swig, love this print by Angus Hyland of Pentagram (found Via It’s Nice That)

Daily Inspiration:Mantle Display

The mantle piece is looking pretty today (about the only part of my home that is!), with left over blooms from last weeks shoot displayed in an old port bottle picked up in a junk shop for £1 and some of our vintage Labware from Number 57.

Debenhams SS12 Shoot

Back before Christmas I spent a couple of weeks working on Debenhams Spring Summer 12 Home brochure. I was lucky enough to work with two fantastic photographers on the project, Polly Wreford and Jake Curtis. Here’s a little peep…