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This weekend I’ll be…

So another week has flown by, and I’m ashamed to say it was a most unproductive one here in Sydney! I have such a vast “to do” list at the moment and all I seem to be doing is adding items to the bottom of it rather than crossing it off! Today we are slightly […]

A Weekend In Paddington

Hello my friends, how was your weekend? It’s been beautiful again here in Sydney. Have I told you how much I love Spring?…just a few times! This morning, after a spot of breakfast, Simon and I wandered through the streets of Paddington. Streets that after living here for a year are so familiar but that […]

A year in Sydney

It was a year ago today that I rocked up in Sydney, with nothing but a suitcase and a whole load of dreams. What a year it’s been. Only two more months until I head home to the UK so I’m off out to make the most of my time left, but I’ll be back […]

Almost Time To Go…

It’s been an emotional couple of days here in Sydney. I’ve booked our flights back to the Uk on so November 24th will be our last day in Australia {at least for the time being, I’ve been offered an opportunity to come back out and work on a project next year but we’ll se how […]

An Early Start…

Morning! Although it feels like afternoon to me already. I’ve been up since before the crack of dawn (4:30am to be precise) because this morning I paid my first visit to Sydney’s flower market. I even managed to drag Simon out of his slumber to join me and provide a much-needed extra pair of hands. […]

The Perfect Saturday In Sydney

Today has been the perfect spring day, and so despite having a few things we really should have been working on indoors we decided to head over to Rozelle and Balmain for the Saturday markets… It’s true, I love Balmain & Rozelle {so I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take this snap} aside from browsing […]