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I’m Back {with a new addition}

Well it’s been a while! This time I’ve got a very valid reason {*excuse} for my absence these past ten {TEN!!!} months.  In the past I’ve dipped in an out of being a good blogger and falling off the radar a bit when life got too manic, normally because the day job had a tendency […]

New From Christy {AW12 Luxe Retreat}

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here. Not only have we done a little shoot for Number 57 {news on that to come over the the 57 blog soon} but I’ve once again been working with the lovely team at Christy, shooting their new SS13 Collections. Which reminded me I’ve not yet shared the […]

Colour To Go : Leafy Green & Azure Blues

When people ask about “the day job” one of the most common question is Where do you get your inspiration? Inspiration comes from everywhere, I’m alway snapping things that catch my eye especially when it comes to colour combinations “to bank” for future shoots…

Office Plans

So you’ve seem my temporary office but my long term plans revolve around a rather nice Cole & Son wallpaper that I fell in love with a couple of years ago. Sadly I had no walls left to paper in the old house so I’ve had to wait. Simon really isn’t a fan of the […]

The Pop-Up Office

Yesterday afternoon I decided I’d had enough of working from the sofa. What was the perfect spot for an office during the Olympics isn’t the “office space” most conducive to creative ideas. Plans for my office have shifted further down our priority list over the past couple of months so  realistically we are probably looking at […]

Friday Fancies

This weeks Friday Fancies comes to you from “down under”. Sadly not literally (if only!) but after receiving an email from a friend in Melbourne this morning I felt inspired to go a little bit nostalgic and share a few of my favourite Australian things… 1. My friend asked if I could recommend a Melbourne […]