Plans for the Living Room

One of the biggest frustrations we have at the moment is the fact that there is so much that needs doing to this place (everything) and yet very little we can actually get started on until we have Listed Buildings Consent. Until we have the layout of the new Kitchen / dining space in place and permission to install a boiler we can’t put the central heating in or re-wire, meaning decorating in all other rooms (even those unaffected by the main building work) has to go on hold. I’ve been frantically tying to get hold of our plumber and electrician this week to work out if they can do a first fix of pipe work and wiring in some rooms that would then allow us to start the decorating. My main focus has become the living space, and it’s my aim to get cracking on this asap. Obviously me being me I had moodboards drawn up months ago,  before we’d even signed on the line so I’m desperate to get painting. Painting however is still a long way off. We’ve stripped wallpaper, removed ceiling tiles and Simon spent a very dusty and labor intensive weekend re-discovering the old inglenook fireplace which is going to look amazing. Next step is probably sanding back the paintwork, then it’s a case of waiting to see what can be done about electrics and plumbing, before skimming of ceilings, laying floorboards and then, maybe then some painting!

In our previous house (a Victorian Semi) colour featured quite heavily. With this property being older we still want to have hits of colour but are going for a bit more of a refined feel. Dare I say more grown up! Simon and I aren’t really in to Country Cottage Style at all but we’re hoping to go for a bit of a modern take on a rustic Scandinavian feel, lots of light wood, greys, and whites, but with accents of colour here and there, still in keeping with the age of the property but incorporating our love of old meets new. Well that’s the plan!

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