A Summer {?} of Distractions

Hello!  Without really planning to it turns out I took the summer  (did we have a summer?) off from my little spot on the web. With so many changes going on elsewhere I just found it a little hard to find the time and focus, but I’ve missed this little place so I’m back!

As ever work remained the main focus in my life throughout the summer with a heavy dusting of  Christmas shoots and looking ahead to Spring Summer 2013 too, but what with the Olympics  (Oh my goodness how I loved the Olympics and Paralympics)  finally moving house and The Shop At Number 57, suddenly it’s Autumn and we’ve so much catching up to do! How’ve you been?, what have I missed out on? I certainly need to spend some time catching up on all my favourite blogs which I’ve neglected for months now. I’ll fill you in on all that’s been going on over the next few days and share some of the shoots and lovely things I’ve stumbled across along the way.


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