To “upcycle” the idea of taking something deemed as junk and transforming it into something of greater use or value has become a bit of a buzz word for the 21st Century. Perhaps sometimes over used but with fabulous Green credentials and when we are all watching out pennies a bit more it’s easy to see why. I’ve long been a fan of Up-Cycling” {Not that I realized that’s what I was doing!}But painting a piece of old furniture in a bright shade to give it a new lease of life or turning old sofa seat pads into stylish floor cushion was all part and parcel of creating our home {given my tiny budget}.  Up-cycling seems to have moved on over the past few years and I keep discovering fabulous new designers who’s work takes  Up-Cycling to another level.  Meet Donna Walker; Caroline Key’s Trash Furnishings  and Jo Gibbs, they take Up-Cycling way beyond my little pot of coral paint; some fabric off cuts and a sewing machine, it’s time to be inspired my friends…

So what do you think? Are you big on Up-cycling at home? Or are you feeling inspired to get your paint brush out? I’d love to know.


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