Welcome Home My Love {I’ve Missed You}

It’s true, I’ve spent the past two days feeling a little sorry for myself and couldn’t quite feel inspired enough to post. Nothing of major concern but for the first time in nearly two years Simon returned to the 9-5 yesterday (well 7:30am – 8pm actually!) I was expecting it to be a massive shock to his system, but didn’t anticipate the effect it would have on me. For the past two years we’ve been lucky enough to both work together, freelancing from home (initially in Sydney and now back in the UK) as well as doing his own design work {look at his lovely site here!} Simon has become my assistant on shoots; the driving force behind our soon to be online store and, well my inspiration really! As idyllic as it’s been the reality isn’t always so perfect. Not so much the worry of getting work {touch wood that’s not been an issue} the tricky thing seems to be getting paid for the work you’ve done. So still waiting on payment for jobs I did way back in Feb & March we, or I decided it’s too stressful both being self-employed and so Simon has entered back into the life of a commuter. And I miss him! Despite the fact I’m up to my eye balls in baubles prepping for festive shoots {oh yes it’s that time again in magazine world!} I find myself clock watching waiting for his return and little Dudley has taking to sleeping in the hallway one eye firmly fixed on the front door {for those who don’t know Dudley is a dog, not a small child!}

I’m intrigued to know how you achieve the work/life balance? And if any of you and your partners are both self-employed? Back in the day when we both commuted to London each day we certainly had it all wrong. Despite the fact I’ve been working round the clock for the past two years some how having Simon working by my side it felt like we were striking a better balance, now I can’t help but feel we’ve been thrown off again.

Hmm ..grumble over, I’m sure it will all sort it’s self out  & normal service shall resume!

Oh isn’t this pic cute, it’s a beautiful decal by New York based Shanna Murray.



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    Oh Marie, I really resonated with this post! For the first year we were married, my husband and I both worked from home as freelance graphic/web designers, we never seemed to have any money at the right time, but boy, was it fun! In the end, it was the lack of a regular pay cheque that made us consider one of us going into full time work, with the hope that it would make life less stressful – money has a way of convincing you of things! I still work from home now and my husband has been working at an office in the city for over a year (in a job he loves) and even though I try to keep it to myself, I still miss him terribly everyday! I try not to watch the clock from about 4 onwards, and get super excited for the time when he will walk back through the door again. You never realise how much of a support it is, having someone in the next room, pottering away, being able to poke your head in the door and say, hey, can you have a look at this with me, or, lets pop out for sushi! I’m not sure if it’s something I have gotten used to, but lately, I find I’m more motivated to finish my work during the day so that nothing creeps in on the time we have together after work. However, I look back on that time with such fondness and hope maybe one day we may be able to do it again!

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      oh Lyndsay, thank you so much, I’m pleased I’m not alone! It suddenly dawned on me that so many people have partners that work overseas for vast lengths of time or who are in the army and put their lives at risk each day and here I am complaining about my husband doing what probably 90% of people do. It’s just really shocked me how odd it’s been the past few days! Mx

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        My hat is off to those people, I don’t know how they do it, they must have amazing relationships, amazing personal strength! I guess we all just know our own situations. I hope it gets easier for you! x

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    Thanks for sharing this Marie. Ever since I started working on our business start up I’ve spent every hour, after coming home from my day job, in front of the computer, researching, registering, blogging and so on. My husband is so supportive and this is something we both want so that one day maybe we can both work in our own business, however it all seems so far away. And now I barely “see” him anymore. Sure he is there in the room, but we don’t get to spend time together like we used to. I really need to write up a daily schedule and prioritise differently. It is making me feel slightly depressed to be honest.

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    Gosh, what a beautiful story. Simon is so lucky to have such a loving family to come home to.
    The family/work/life balance…? I find this an everyday ongoing challenge!

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    ah dear, sigh. I’m in Sydney and work as a freelancer at home. My partner is building a business of his own too, but is so very into it that he’s really a bit of a workaholic so I feel I never see him – hehehe not very advice-full am I?

    I keep pondering actually, the idea of finding a little creative space to share with fellow creatives. You know, so you still have that work camaraderie and even though your partner is in his office you have an office too without losing independence?

    well, that’s my somewhat random 2 cents…

    really enjoying your blog.


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