Danish Design {Manostiles}

Let’s talk about Denmark for a moment. {Don’t worry this is not a geography lesson first thing on a Tuesday morning!} For a relatively small country there are so many great exports; Hans Christian Andersen; Bacon; Peter Schmeichel {my brother and any Man Utd fans will appreciate that ref!} and a large sweeping generalisation here but Danish Design. I’m a huge fan of Danish Design and so was really excited when Rachel from Danish Design brand Manostiles contacted me last week to introduce me to their latest range of dining ware. Love the designs and love the colours so perfect for spring. The home range can be bought from Cahetu and will be available  on Manostiles website from April…

Love those storage cansiters.

I think it’s about time that I tak a trip to Scandinavia, not quite sure which city to visit but next year we’ve decided it’s top of our holiday list to go in search of some design inspiration. If you have any suggestions on where and when to go please don’t be shy send your suggestions my way.

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