Loving Exposed Brick…

Recently I’ve been seeing an increasing amount of exposed brickwork on show inside the home. Not that that’s a bad thing because I’m quite a fan. We actually have a brick fireplace in our sitting room. Annoyingly previous owners decided to varnish the bricks {Yes I did say varnish} So no amount of loving restoration would get them back to their original best, therefore we had to paint them. Luckily they obviously ran out of the hideous varnish before doing the inside so I still have a tiny bit of tonal brick work on show! The joy of exposed brickwork is that it can work in a rustic or sleek scheme. Admittedly it’s a lot about the bricks you use. In my opinion they “greyer” and more rustic the better. Anything too red screams “80’s new build” and trust me that’s not a good look indoors! My new found love of exposed bricks has left me drooling over these inspiring rooms…

{Images; 1,4&5,Via Number 19. Image 2, via Bright Bazaar. 6,7&8 1st Option}

So I’m guessing exposed brickwork might be a bit of a “marmite moment” you either love it or hate it – what do think? Will you be peeling back the plaster?



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    Hurrah for exposed brick! I would love to live in a place with exposed brick one day. Very inspiring images!

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    Hello, yes, yes, yes. I’m a big fan of exposed brick in a house. We did it to our tiny brick cottage in Sydney and it instantly added charm and history to the house. The bricks were in brilliant condition underneath. We also stripped the front of the house and fell in love with that. So very big brickie lover here! xx

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    Another brick lover here. As you said, the right kind of bricks of course! I’m noticing a lot more of it happening over this way too (Australia), particularly in hospitality/commercial settings. I’d love to have an exposed brick wall at some point. Living in Canberra, there’s not a lot of old buildings that give you the right effect…..but a girl can dream.

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    Yes exposed brick is very big at the moment and because it’s quite common in many homes here it’s great to see some pics of it in different textures and finishes. Many thanks for sharing.

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    I love them too! Also in an even more rough edition, i.e. stone or vintage brick. Take a look here: http://ereszke.wordpress.com/2010/07/30/todays-inspiration/
    All the best, Ewelina

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