Winter Wonderland

I can’t believe that we’ll have been back in the UK for 3 weeks tomorrow. It’s starting to feel like the past 14months was just a dream! Things have been so busy around here of late, making arrangements for the wedding; sourcing props and working on a couple of other exciting projects that we have in the pipeline for next year  { I know I’m such a tease, I’m bursting to tell you more but can’t just yet, but soon I promise!} I took these snaps just over two weeks ago, when we awoke to 10″ of snow {a bit of a shock to the system after 14months in Sydney!} I’ve just walked through the village on my way to my brothers for dinner and it’s starting to snow again, who knows maybe tomorrow we’ll wake to a winter wonderland once again, everything looks so pretty when it’s white, but I do have a little bit of Christmas shopping to sort out and a catch up with the girls so I’m hoping it waits until we’re safely tucked up in Suffolk at the weekend.


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