A Stylist’s {Christmas} Kit

Happy weekend my friends! With just 14 days until C day it’s time to go and get our tree. I have to admit to being a bit of a kid when it comes to Christmas, I’m seriously excited! I’m also a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to selecting the tree…so we may be gone some time! Before we head out into the cold to select aforementioned “Perfect tree” I wanted to share this.  It’s far from the most beautiful shot in the world {we shot it while on a rather manic Christmas Cover shoot for Ideal Homes Dec 2009 issue} but it does show the contents of the essential festive styling kit, the secret weapons to adding the festive touch to just about anything…

1. Tissue Paper – Perfect for wrapping gifts, making festive snowflakes and pom poms

2. Candles – Dinner candles and tealights perfect for adding twinkle

3. Battery operated tealights and fairylight – child friendly and perfect for popping amongst baubles and flowers for a oh so christmasy touch.

4. Kraft Paper – wrapping gifts, paper chains, table runners, wrapping around the base of the tree and super cheap too!

5. Bubble wrap – a great way to make “hard to wrap” gifts easier to handle.

6. Florists foam {Oasis} and florists wire are essential for making quick and easy foliage decorations.

7. Sticky Stuff, Selotape + white tac are a festive must have.

8. Double sided tape gets a mention all of its own because I would never be without it – I should have shares in the stuff.

9. Red & White Tapestry Wools, perfect for hanging baubles and decs, tying around gifts or even adding a stitched touch to your gift wrap.

10. Scissors – a pair of standard ones and ones with a decorative edge are great for adding a little magic to all things paper

11. Decorative punches – add a festive touch to paper place mats, wrapping, or cards. A festive stamp and ink pad – make your own cards, gift tags, gift wrap – why not get a stamp made with a personal festive message from your family.

12.  If in doubt shove a mini bauble in it! In vases, a cluster hanging from a door handle, adorning gifts or on wires in a vase of flowers. I give you the Mini Bauble, the all rounder of festive touches.

13. Festive Springs – a few faux berries or mistletoe can save the day.

14. Labels & Luggage tags, For place settings, advent numbers, gift tags or food labels

15. Is my handy carry case from good old Hobby Craft!

16. Ribbon – much like baubles – if in doubt tie a bow around it!

17. A Silver and Gold pen to add a little sparkle.

18. Mini Pegs and Bulldog clips – perfect for hanging cards, attaching place settings or hanging advent treats.


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