Decorating Inspiration For Kid’s Rooms {Real Living Shoot}

I know I’ve been promising this one for a while, but so much has been keeping me busy this past week. Packing is almost there now!

So this is the last shoot that I did for Real Living and it’s in their November issue which is on sale right now!  I love working on Kids rooms features, they are always so fun, and for this one I got to work with the lovely Maree Homer, making it even more fun. The brief was simply to create three rooms for kids age approx 5. One had to be a boy and girl sharing a room, one for a little boy and one for a little girl…

Creating a scheme that works for a boy and girl can be tricky. The Key is create a unified feel with same furniture; a cohesive colour scheme, similar patterns and prints but to give each child their own personalized space. I did this  by assigning each child their own key colour, creating fun personalised painted shelves above the bed and using the storage and painted floor boards as a divide. Simon painted the shelves for me {he’s such a clever chap!}

Also a big thank you my little friends  Ella & Jack who were the inspiration behind this room!

The moment I saw this cool wigwam from Mini Style I knew that the boy’s room was going to have to have a cowboy theme. We clad the walls in Plywood sheets for that log cabin feel and updated inexpensive storage with a lick of chalkboard paint so little ones can get creative. How cool is that log fire cushion?, I want one!! it’s from here {in case you wondered!}

The inspiration for this one was my gorgeous godson Archie {who hopefully won’t of forgotton Auntie Marie by the time I return home!}

So I know the tree wall decal has been done a thousand times before, but you know why…it’s because it works. I promised myself I wasn’t going to do it but there are so many gorgeous ones around I couldn’t help myself. This one is from here, but I’m also loving this one.

With the girls room I wanted to show that you can please your little princess by having a pink room that isn’t actually pink. Pastel blue walls and bright pops of red stop the look from becoming too “sugary” How adorable is the Toadstool, it’s from here.

I had such fun with these rooms it’s hard to pick a fave, I’m torn between the twin room and cowboy. Would love to know what you think? Do you go to town with kids rooms or do you prefer to play it a bit safer?

I’ve got to stop talking about kids rooms now – Feeling too broody and I’m not even hitched yet!  Tomorrow I’ll post some behind the scenes pics and my moodboards.

Have a lovely evening / morning {depending on where you are in the world} x




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