Bondi Calling

Hello my friends. Once again it’s been a while! A few technically hitches, a spot of sunshine and some serious downsizing has kept me away for the past few days. The weekend was mostly spent procrastinating about packing up the apartment. We’ve now managed to sell my desk {I now type once more from my lap} the side board {so the TV is now precariously balanced on a stool} and the sofa {which thankfully isn’t leaving until we do} needless to say our little apartment is looking a shadow of its former self. My mission for today is to go and buy some boxes and sort through what I can’t bear to part with and will be shipped home and what will be going into the garage sale in a weeks time. Then it’s photographing the bookcase, Simon’s desk and the wardrobe for Ebay round two. In order to delay the inevitable just a little bit longer we spent a sunny Sunday afternoon strolling along the beach and through the streets of Bondi…oh Bondi I’ll miss you when I’m huddled around the fire in a grey UK in November

The other task for today is to book our little three and a half week holiday before we leave Oz. Exciting times! I’ll be back later with some gorgeous Mason Jar inspiration and a lovely Kids feature I had the pleaurse of shooting for this months Real Living x

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