Bedroom Update {New Idea shoot}

Yellow is a colour that really makes me smile. So when New Idea asked me to create a spring time bedroom with a splash of colour and some super thrifty ideas, I grabbed for a tin of yellow paint and several tins of yellow spray paint {well technically I just pointed Simon in the direction!} Here’s the results…

Client, New Idea. Photography, Maree Homer. Styling, Marie Nichols {me!}

So a $10 junk shop lampshade &  a $15 Ikea stool were given a spray job. Several crochet doilies we’re popped into a tub of dye {I had visions while doing this of mum and I dying hundreds of them for the wedding!} And the lovely folks at Upon Design created the wall sticker. Now I know some people get really hung up on matching your colours perfectly but for this room I wanted to show that you can mix a couple of shades of yellow and it will still work. In fact I think it works better, I’m not a big fan of too matchy matchy!

Cheap and cheery summer bedroom…done! oh and here are the moodobards & sketches.

My initial idea was to strip the old lampshade totally and just spray the frame-work. However when I found the shade it had such a beautiful lace design that it seemed a shame to rip it off, so Simon suggested spraying the lot – he’s a clever fella! And just goes to show all the best design “evolve”!

Heaps more to share this week. New’s from home, a Country Style shoot and a super simple project I styled for Real Living.

Meet you back here tomorrow? x


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