Almost Time To Go…

It’s been an emotional couple of days here in Sydney. I’ve booked our flights back to the Uk on so November 24th will be our last day in Australia {at least for the time being, I’ve been offered an opportunity to come back out and work on a project next year but we’ll se how that fits in with work back home and more importantly with the wedding}

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So as my brother informed me that’s only 10 weeks away. This coming Wednesday it will be a year since we packed up our bags and left the place we call home to embark upon our Sydney adventure. I can’t help but reflect upon “the quickest year of my life” I think if I blinked I might have missed it. But what a year it’s been. The opportunity to spend time with my man {whom I love so so much but in the hustle and bustle of London life it became easy to forget sometimes} to fulfil my dreams of working as a stylist somewhere other than London and to work for the magazines that have long been of inspiration to me. Setting up home on a tiny budget and starting with literally nothing and finally after 10 years I have a ring on my finger and a wedding to plan! There’s heaps to look forward to back home, weddings, new puppies, new magazines to conquer and of course my family and friends but tearing myself away from Sydney will be hard. My feet have barely touched the ground since we arrived so I’ve hung up my stylist’s shoes for a while and for the next 10 weeks, I’m just going to enjoy the Australian dream. Another month or so enjoying Sydney and then a month travelling around – I can’t wait. Which means in the next few weeks, more time to share loveliness with you here and one very big, everything must go garage sale too!



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    Enjoy your travels Marie. You have probably chosen the best time of the year for travelling here in Aus, weather wise.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your work in our Aussie mags. Truly gorgeous and inspiring and I hope to see more.

    Sandy K

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    What bittersweet news Marie. I’m glad Australia has been so good to you and we will always be here for another journey at a different time in your life.

    I agree completely with Sandy K, I’ve loved seeing your work too. And thank you for being a part of my blog aswell. At least we have these blogs to keep in touch and continue to see your work and hopefully some insight to your wedding!

    Enjoy your next 10 weeks in Australia xox

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    A year already…really?

    It has been such a treat to follow your ‘Aussie Adventure’, be inspired by your beautiful work and share in your happy times! Savour every second of the next ten weeks… blissful, happy, carefree moments in the sun.

    You have so much to look forward to on your return home…I can hardly wait to share in the next chapter!

    Happy travels!

    Ingrid x

    PS. It must be me, but all that prettiness around your blog as never returned…

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    Thank you all for your kind words. I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by. I’ve loved every second of it. I am so excitied to get home and see my family and friends who I miss dearly but I’m so sorry to be leaving too. I love Sydney, the people, the work and the lifestyle, hopefully I’ll make a cameo apperance again next year! x

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