An Early Start…

Morning! Although it feels like afternoon to me already. I’ve been up since before the crack of dawn (4:30am to be precise) because this morning I paid my first visit to Sydney’s flower market. I even managed to drag Simon out of his slumber to join me and provide a much-needed extra pair of hands. I love flower markets. Back in London Columbia Rd is one of my favourite places to take a leisurely stroll. So today armed with advise from the lovely Diana at Flower By Teresa {leave the high heels at home; be confident and put on your best hardened cockney accent to clinch those deals} I set off, and a few hours later arrived home with a car brimming with blooms {and a very tired Simon!}

If I wasn’t a stylist I think I’d like to be a florist – wouldn’t it be lovely working with beautiful flowers all day long? I’m planning on attempting to do my own flowers for my Wedding next year so today’s trip was good practice! Right I’m off now in search of sugared mice; a vintage coat hanger; a fabulous cake and a car load of cardboard boxes {don’t ask!} Happy Monday my friends! x


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