The Perfect Weekend

Hello my friends hope you’ve had a lovely weekend? I’m now back from my little Southern Highlands escape and will share some of my finds with you over the next couple of days. I must warn you this is a slightly indulgent post {but it’s only ever going to happen the once} but there’s going to be a Whole Lotta Lovely wedding to plan. Yes you heard me right, Simon and I are getting hitched! He popped the question and I said yes. I’ll spare you all the soppy details but needless to say I’m walking around with my head in the clouds at the moment! and I’ve already been visiting here and here in hunt of inspiration! as if a proposal and a beautiful ring wasn’t enough I was also lucky enough to receive this gorgeous Rachel Castle heart..weekends don’t get any better!


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    Congratulations to you! I hope you have a lovely time planning your wedding. My husband and I had our own little low-budget wedding earlier this year, and we had a truly lovely day with our family and friends. I wish you the same peace and happiness on your own special day.

    Now get away from your computer and put your head back in the clouds for a little while longer. 🙂

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    congratulations … it really does sound like the perfect weekend. Am excited to see your photographs. I love the highlands, the hubby’s never been & i want to do another scotland trip when we’re home on leave next …

    congratulations again … i know the wedding will be fabulous! xx

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    CONGRATULATIONS! Can’t wait to see the beautiful event styling that is sure to take place for this event! x

  4. Grant Nichols
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    Can I be your made of honour? x

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    Congratulations on your engagement Marie. You will most definitely have wonderful memories of your stay here in Australia now, how special! And the Rachel Castle heart is too gorgeous – lucky girl. I’m sure your wedding will be amazing.

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    congratulations marie!! how exciting. you deserve the best! take time to enjoy this moment before things get crazy. you are amazing and i look forward to seeing your inspiration for the big day! 🙂

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    Congratulations to you Marie! What a life changing weekend you had. Have fun browsing for ideas, it’s sure to be a beautiful day.

  8. Badger
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    Can i sing at the wedding? x

    • Grant Nichols
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      This is badger character is blatantly simon! x

      • Badger
        Posted August 2, 2010 at 5:16 am | Permalink

        Simon is a far worse singer than i

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    Congratulations and celebrations! Looking forward to all the wedding pics.

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    Awh! Congrats Marie! That is lovely news! Can’t wait to hear all ur wedding plans- I’m sure it will be beautiful! X x

  11. Fleur
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    YAY! Many Many Congrats, pls share your story and pics of your ring x I can highly recommend elopement, we had a bali beach wedding with just the 2 of us.. very romantic and no stress x

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    Congratulations! There nothing more exciting than having a wedding to plan.

    I found some of the real-life weddings on the below website very inspiring:

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    Wishing you happiness today, tomorrow and always.

    Ingrid x

  14. Horatio
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    Congrats, and all the best for the future.

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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Sure you’ll have the most stylish wedding ever! Love Bethan xxx

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    Congratulations. My partner and I also married March this year after being together for about a hundred years. We had a low-key, low-budget 70’s inspired wedding in our tiny house which was enormous fun. Hired a double-Decker red London bus for the guests and did it our way. I found a lot of inspiration from this site.

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      Sounds fab – congrats to you and your new hubby and thanks for the link

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    Congrats from Mr & Mrs Mosley!

    About time too, seeing as you’ve been together even longer than Me and Melissa I think

    See you when you get back, hopefully!

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      Oh no Northerner I believe you beat us. When can we see pics of your big day? x

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    Thank you all so much for your lovely comments – I’m still feeling a little giddy!

  20. clare
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    please don’t spare us the details – where, when, how?!!! Congratulations!!! X

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      It was just me, Simon (and the man bag!) snuggled up in front of the fire!

      • clare
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        I’m so glad the manbag was involved! (is that where he hid the ring? Do you think that’s why he’s been carrying that bag around so long?!). I’m so pleased for you both X

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