Rainy Day

Hello my friends? How’s your day? Somewhat better than mine I hope!

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As regular visitors will know I’m currently living in sunny Sydney {Sunny you’d presume!} however ever since arriving back from the Uk it’s been raining. I’m not talking “drizzle” I’m talking torrential, rain like I’ve never seen before. All of a sudden 16 degrees feels very chilly our apartment {like so many Sydney homes} doesn’t have central heating, or any heating for that matter. It feels as though Sydney is in denial that winter even happens! I’m there for currently drying my wet washing and some soggy props over the grill – seriously I’m not joking!

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To top off that my little car share car, “James The Yaris” {which is normally such a joy} is deciding he’s wet and tired and will not lock with it’s swipe card as it is meant to. I can’t leave the car because some bad egg could just drive it off. So I’m currently talking to you while sitting in the car waiting for someone to come and fix it. The ironic thing about all of this is that I’m using my internet connection from the appartment…yes thats right the internet connection that has driven me to distraction and that to get any sort of reception in the apartment I have to sit on top of the bloody router appears to work just fine and dandy sitting outside, 3 floors down in the pouring rain! Still almost the weekend {I’m praying mines not spent with James, The Yaris!}

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