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For those regular readers you’ll already know this, but for those that are new to my little blog there are a few things you should know about me. Among my many obsessions lies my love of industrial antiques (I say antiques but I only really mean old not pricey!) another little me thing is my love of colour. I often dream of having a wonderfully serene white home but the reality is I’m far too mucky and I’d get board, I need colour in my life. Any way imagine my joy when I stumbled across Industria X while in Melbourne last week. Industria is home to some amazing industrial style pieces, handcrafted in Victoria with local material they combines the utilitarian look I love so much with pops of colour

I’m so smitten with all of these pieces, especially the stool. I fear shipping costs back to th UK would be too huge to consider though {sigh!} As if that wasn’t enough their Fitzroy store is filled with lots of amazing vintage pieces too

Clearly with my current map obsession I was unable to walk past this one without getting the camera out.

Well with that in mind I’m heading down to Surry Hills for their “first Saturday Of the month” flea market in the hope of finding some industrial loveliness of my own. Happy Saturday everyone x

Industria X, 202 Gertrude street,Fitzroy 3065


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  1. Posted April 3, 2010 at 5:45 pm | Permalink

    I’m tempted to move to australia just for all these fab shops you keep posting about! This one looks amazing! X

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