When technology goes bad…

Hello lovely people I’m just quickly popping by to apologise for the lack of action around here the past few days. I am in the middle of Internet hell! I’ve been without connection since Tuesday and after a three-hour phone call (no exaggeration) on Tuesday evening and two subsequent hour-long phone session I’m still at a loss. I’m ready to fling the modem and myself over the balcony… I’ve also shocked myself at just how reliant I am on the Internet. Not only am I unable to blog, work is proving tres tricky too.

I’m having to set up camp in a number of Sydney’s cafes {which may sound like a dream but there are only so many Hot Chocolates even this girl can put away in a day} So with very limited internet access I’m afraid work has had to take priority. I promise I will return tomorrow, which is more than can be said about my Big Pond internet connection, arrrggghhh {I’m going to name and shame them!} I’ve got some pics from another feature I shot for this months Real Living and a fabulous “Sydney Must” store for you to explore. Right rant over…normal service shall be resumed shortly!

Ps. Hope you’re week is better than mine x

PPs. I’ve had this lovely shot in my “gorgeous” file for so long I can’t remember where i found it – if anyone know please share – I hate not crediting pics  x


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