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When I first decided to travel to the other side of the world I was more than a little apprehensive I’m such a “home” girl. It’s funny but now I’m here there is actually very little I miss from back home. Grey skies; a painful commute to the city each day; crowded streets, all are just a distant memory now. Don’t get me wrong I’m proud to be British {especially if it involves a union jack!}, I love british design and style, brit movies and even British TV! I guess it’s just a new city is always.. well, sparkly and new! The one thing that I do miss are my family and friends, no end of sunny days, lazy brunches and being your own boss could ever compare to having those you love close by. Whenever I check my inbox and find an email from someone back home, I’m instantly lifted {and momentarily saddened because I’m so far away} better still when I check my old school mail box and find a little delight as I did this morning

Knowing my love of all things Rob Ryan my lovely friend Liz sent me this gorgeous card, which {as she correctly anticipated} will be framed and be hung in the bedroom with my other Rob Ryan loveliness. It made me smile and reminded me how important friendships are and just how much I miss our Sunday afternoon catch ups with the kids and cake!

So it seems it’s quite easy to make yourself a home somewhere new, if only I could pack up my family and friends and sneak them along too {I’m keeping everything crossed for a very special family visit soon!}


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  1. Elizabeth
    Posted March 3, 2010 at 2:23 am | Permalink

    Glad you liked it and miss you loads!! xx

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