Happy Weekend

How’s you weekend been? I’ve had a bit of a quiet one. Yesterday afternoon I wondered into the city and to Angel Place where I’d been meaning to check out the Forgotten Songs installation. Heaps of empty Birdcages suspended over the lane, playing songs of birds that are now extinct. sad and beautiful all at once. and today…after a bit of prep for next weeks shoot I headed to the beach. I can’t believe I’ve been here nearly five months {it’s going by so fast} and I haven’t spent nearly enough time at the beach.

and this evening…I’ve been trying to decide on a worthy home for these super cute little drawings sent to us by the even cuter Ella. They’ve been sitting on my desk, but keep getting lost among piles of paperwork so I’m thinking they are just what I need to brighten up my kitchen. There is something about kids drawings that just make me smile. Hope you’re smiling too this Sunday x

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