Rainy days & thrift shop buys

It’s raining again in Sydney {no one warned me it rained this much!!} It’s one of those days where you just want to curl up on the sofa with a cuppa and watch the rain pitter patter on the window pane  {sigh}. Sadly no such luck for yours truly. I had to brave the down-pour and pick up some props for next weeks Real Living shoot. I’d hoped to tie my errands in with a trip to several of Sydney’s second-hand markets…but it’s raining . I did however find that a rainy day is the perfect time to rummage in Charity shops. I cheered myself up with a few fab finds, a little jug with a yellow rim; a cute cut glass heart dish; and some doily’s, all for under $2 each.

These little treasures are making me smile today {despite the fact we’ve sprung a leak and the constant drip drip, water torture is making me twitch!} The other thing making me smile on this soggy Saturday is that I took your advice {you twisted my arm!} and I stopped by at my favourite second-hand store, Junktique, and on Wednesday I’ll have a new desk and bookcase, Hooray! So here’s to my new ledges! and thank you x


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    Love the little heart shaped dish you picked up Marie. I went scouring the local second hand markets here too yesterday but didn’t find any treasures this time. Enjoy your week x

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