Love Is in the air {well almost!}

How did it get to be February so soon? It’s amazing how quickly Jan goes when the days are long & sunny {does that make sense?!} So February is here, and all I keep seeing everywhere is Valentines loveliness. I generally become a bit of a cynic as Feb the 14th approaches saying it’s all a load of commercial hype but secretly I’m a bit of an old romantic at heart. Especially when it comes to beautiful, love inspired works of art

This little selection of Heart felt gorgeousness arrived in my inbox this morning, courtesy of the Lovely Naomi Murrell

and you know how I have a bit of a thing for typographic art work, so when Hannah from Coulson Macleod sent me this little pic I couldn’t resist but to share it with you

I thought I’d say goodnight with my absolute fave, from who other than Rob Ryan. Last year we treated ourselves to one of his gorgeous limited edition valentines prints. This year I thought I’d see if I could lay my hands on another of his valentines treats {a limited edition laser cut} However, unsurprisingly, I’ve left it too late and they’re all gone on Etsy already, and I don’t think I’ll be popping to RyanTown this year!


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    It’s true that time is going so fast this year. Happy February.

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