Afternoon At The Fair

After an overcast morning the clouds cleared yesterday and what better way to spend a summers afternoon than at the fair? We crossed the harbour to Sydney’s Luna Park, a fair ground steeped in history, and as I walked under the famous “face” entrance it was almost as if I had been transported back 50 years, it’s so cute! not like the huge, and may I say ghastly, themes parks the Uk has to offer, I had to get the camera out!

I have to admit I didn’t actually go on a single ride! It was such a visual feast I was totally taken by the amazing Typography and colours, like a kid in a Fairy Floss shop! {what a gorgeous name for Candy Floss!} It was the perfect start to the weekend { for which I have no plans for yet} but I’m determined to do something! As of next week work beckons and I will really have to get my Stylist’s hat back on & start planning some of the shoots I’ve got in the diary. So  I need to make the most of these last carefree moments!

Happy Weekend everyone x


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