Christmas Day by the Fire

I hope you had a lovely Christmas day. My Aussie Christmas didn’t quite go to plan, the sun forgot to pop his Christmas hat on so the beach picnic was rather chilly and it decided to rain all afternoon. So we packed up our prawns and headed home, to sit in front of our “pretend” fire and play cards!

It’s what Christmas is all about!  all that we were missing was family, and Christmas isn’t quite the same without family I’ve decided. Still my lovely mum had made sure that my first ever Christmas away from home still had a few of the “Nichols family traditions” by sending me out the crochet stocking I’ve had every year as far back as I can remember {it bought a few tears to the eye when I opened that package!} I know, I’m 29 and still have a stocking, but it’s my absolute favourite part of Christmas, I’m not after big pressies, just cute little ones, packed with love and thought!


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