Bring back the doily

Now I don’t know about you but a few years ago I’d of looked at a lace doily and just thought…why? In fact I did. My mum, who normally has such impeccable taste {and who will no doubt be reading this!} used to have them scattered around the house with pot plants on and I never did “get it” However more recently {and I dont like to think it’s because I’m getting old!} I’ve seen a new side to these little mementoes of a bygone age. In fact mum’s doilies were the inspiration behind a little creative feature I shot for the Jan issue of Ideal Home, transforming the humble doily into a things of beauty…

These were actually some rather strange {and at first glance pretty horrible} plastic doilies from Dunelm Mill, but stitched together they create a great table runner that’s really practical too

I made some of these lace bowls for a post here several months back, but they were so great I decided to share with the IH readers!

Photography by Simon Whitmore


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