A parcel from home…

Tired and hot after shooting 3 outdoor rooms in 39 degree heat I arrived home this evening to find a little parcel from my mum sitting in my mail box. Along with the headphones {so I can finally use my ipod} and the other half to my favourite pair of earrings , was a cute sausage dog postcard,a little union jack heart, some very cute Cath Kidston paperchains and an advent calendar. So despite the heat and that fact it feels like it should be August, I’m finally starting to get my head round the fact Christmas is just round the corner. Thank you mum x


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  1. Sandra
    Posted November 20, 2009 at 8:49 pm | Permalink

    Having already done the Christmas thing during our hot summer days (Brit style), and now working outside in temperatures of 39, it’s not surprising that Christmas is the last thing on your mind!! I knew you’d love the postcard! lots of love mum xx

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