Saturday afternoon in Rozelle & Balmain

After yesterday’s “too much work “post I decided to step away from the lap top and paint charts and head off to explore Sydney. I’ve explored most of the inner suburbs but hadn’t got round to visiting Rozelle & Balmain. Rozelle has a great second hand market, and is top of the Saturday markets if you love rummaging for old tat like me!

I’m still trying to be super good so held myself back from buying several cute 1950’s suitcases and settled for these old penguin books instead!

A short wonder along Darling road and we stumbled across the amazing Quintessential duckegg blue. Oh my god, I love this store! It’s an Aladdin’s cave of old industrial vintage wares. It’s got that very British vibe going on, with leather club chairs and refectory tables laden with treasures like old Hovis tins, wooden shoe lasts and old industrial thread bobbins, heaven basically! It’s a lot more pricey out here than back home so I wasn’t tempted to purchase (which is a good thing-imagine the shipping costs!) but just browsing was fun!




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