A Morning At Paddington Markets

A short stroll up the street in the sunshine and I found myself in the crowds at the Paddington Markets. Amongst the vintage clothes, some amazing 50’s pastel colour suitcases {from which I really had to hold myself back} and numerous stalls selling ropey jewellery {you know the ones, they get everywhere!} I came across a couple of gems. Firstly I was taken by a little stall selling small illustrated wooden blocks. I watched as the stool holder penned out a new design, part of a creative Sydney based Duo that go by the name of Maiwaku. All of their designs are hand drawn then printed onto textured surfaces and then mounted to create delightful wooden blocks


maiwaku2A few ailses down and I came to a stall selling the most amazing porcelain {the handy work of the very talented Samantha Robinson}


You really must check out her website to see more of her stunning work and just because it’s really beautifully designed, by Laura Baxter


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